you ask, i answer. also this is my first post so hello.

what type of posts are you going to be posting? a variety. mostly posts about what i did today or stories. maybe some other stuff. who really knows.

when did you start your blog? today. april 29th, 2017. its a saturday. although i have co-owned a blog before in 2014-15 about sports and such. i am also very active on my personal instagram, snapchat, and twitter accounts that i have had since 2011.

how old are you? i like to keep some things secret like my age and what i look like. maybe ill do a face reveal, maybe not. i am a teenager though. dont ask why i dont feel like saying, cause i really have no clue. online safety?

do you have any experience with blogging or social media? see “when did you start your blog?”

how did you start this blog? wordpress, just go for it. take chances.

#faq #faqs


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